Pretty random but I was wondering what is the weirdest, strangest, funniest, etc thing that you've ever googled?
I started thinking about this because last night out of all the things I told my boyfriend to google....

How to be romantic? Hilarious, I know, but I meant it.

So what have you googled?

Auntie & Nieces Day

Recently I had my first monthly auntie & nieces day. What's that u ask...well it was "politely" brought to my attention that I don't spend enough time with my niece, by my niece. And she's right. You see if I'm not at my boyfriends, I'm in class,studying, working, working out, running errands basically doing a bunch of things other than spending time with them. So together we came up with auntie & nieces day. One day out of the month i spend with them doing whatever is fun for them and at the same time i'm having quality time with them.

The day finally came, so quickly that I really didn't have too much planned. Plus it started to rain so we couldn't be outside much. After googling for some ideas I finally decided to take em to the Kid Museum, Launch Zone by the National Harbor in Maryland. This area is rather new. About 5 or so years ago it was nothing but land and dirt. Disney brought the land and now its covered in hotels, chic stores and apartments, nice restaurants all facing the harbour. Its a really nice place to say the least. So we head off to the kids museum and it turns out them were doing some arts & crafts for the New Chinese Year. The girls had the opportunity to make a bunch of things.

Then we headed over to Ketchup. This is a restaurant that I've been wanting to eat at for a while but haven't gotten the opportunity. So we sit and enjoyed quite a delicious brunch. The pictures speak for themselves. The prices were reasonably priced. Great service! Cool atmosphere.

I had the cesar salad. Delicious!

The girls had pancakes and meats. I thought it was so
cute that it was placed on adult plates.

And of course no day can be complete without dessert or something sweet. I wanted to eat dessert but the girls had other plans. So we aheaded to the Peeps store and we all got to make a bag full of candy we picked out. Pretty awesome.

So for it being the first auntie and nieces day, i think it was a success.

My girls.

Academy Awards 2011

So as most people know the Academy Awards were last night and of course other than knowing who won what, most want to know who wore who. I personally don't care to know who the designer of any fabric of garment is. Don't get me wrong of course I have my favorite designers but they're not my fav b/c the names instead I love the style. So with that being said here are some of my favs from last night.

Mila Kunis wearing Elie Saab

Cate Blanchett wearing Givenchy Haute Couture

Camila Alves wearing Kaufman Franco

Anne Hathaway wearing Atelier Versace

Again Anne Hathaway wearing Givenchy Haute Couture


A Day In The Life of a Struggling "Adult" College Student

So I finally got to turn in my first official essay. I must say I am really excited to see what grade I get. Of course I will be a little disappointed if I get anything less than what I expect. I would love to get an 'A' but I have to be realistic so I hope to get at least a low 'B'. I worked really hard on and I would like to see that it wasn't in vain. The assignment was to write a comparsion & contrast essay on pretty much any subject we liked, but particularly something personal. So I choose to write about my process of cooking Thanksgiving versus how my former sister in law (that's a different story for a different day) cooks her Christmas dinner. I titled it "The Recipe". Well I'll definitely let you know how I did. Now for today's class, today was honestly was my first day that I didn't want to go to class. I just didn't really feel like it. No real reason, just didn't feel like it.
Ultimately I'm glad that I did, the professor is pretty laid back so that helps. Plus today was a short day since he wasn't feel that great. Nothing special about the class, we just got to talk about all the essays we're reading and examine them. It's pretty neat to have a story broken apart and explained by someone else, to see things I may have not seen. Today just made me feel like I made the right decision, not because I need a degree to better my live. But because it feels good...fore filling. Like I'm using my brain for something more than day to day mundane activities. I like being mentally challenged, charging my brain.
It's like a good song...you feel it. You understand it, live it, become almost one with it. And the feeling it leaves you with...like you're ok, that you'll be ok, that someone out there understands you or even makes you think of things you may have never thought of. I guess ultimately that's what you're suppose to get of class, I mean learning. You learn to understand, to see things in other ways and apply it to the world.
In conclusion it was a good simple class, can't wait till next week.


A Day In The Life of a Struggling "Adult" College Student


I think it’s very obvious that I’m not really all that good at tracking day to day events, since I say I’m gonna do and I don’t. Once I get my whole laptop situation settled I hope I get better at that. Anyways, with that being said, I have definitely already been in school for about a month now. So needless to say there is a bit to share.
My First Day
So here I am go round and round the parking lot trying to find a spot. I’m already a little late and the guy in the car in front of me is going sooooo slow. Not the kinda slow that you imagine when you’re running late, but the for real slow. I half way want to get out of my car and walk to his car, knock on the window and tell him to hurry the hell up! But no, my focus is to get a spot and dash across campus so I won’t be so late. Finally I find one, stop by the campus store because I forgot I need something required for class and keep on going. I make it into the building; go downstairs, down the hall, round the corner and a see a bunch of people. At this point I know well the professor’s late so I’m technically not making a bad first impression. We sit around waiting and waiting, 30 minutes have gone by and still no professor. By this point a fellow classmate decides to make a couple of calls, which really didn’t lead to anything. A nearby professor finally decides to offer some advice…leave. Here I am semi excited for the first day and the teacher doesn’t show up! I think that’s a good first day. Later we all find out that he thought the class was on Thursday instead of Tuesday. Apologized greatly and kept on moving.
Once we all got to finally meet the prof. and got to see what he was about, I think we all might agree that he’s a pretty cool, laid back (but still expect his assignments on time) professor. I must admit I’m glad about that. I didn’t want to get shell shocked on my first college course. I know I’m bound to come across that horrible professor one day, but at least I’ll be half way prepared for it.
Currently I’m working on English grammar and a comparison/contrast and some bits of cause and effect essay. The essay was due last week however the prof. decided that for the most part some of us needed an extra week. I was so excited to turn it in and get a grade, see how I would do, but I guess it just gives me another week to “really” work on it. At this point I’m starting to realize and fully comprehend that the class by means even though I have a pretty cool professor, is easy. It takes work, time and thought into it. All time thus far was dedicated to work or play. I’m happy with my decision, I know it’s a good and I know it will all pay off in the end.


Baking on Heart's Day

Look what I made....yummy!

Baking a cake for Mr. P!!!

These are the girl's REAL best friends.

Ta Da! It's suppose to say " to the owner of my ♥"


Heart's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, I would like to share with you my most romantic day. Oddly enough it didn't include an expensive dinner or trip, a lavish piece of jewelry or even the sweetest words spoken.
One day me and Mr.P were sitting around the house thinking about what to do, we finally decide let's just get in the car and go into the city. That's one of the advantages of living in the DMV area. If you want city, you have the city, if you want country, you got it and if you want suburbia, then we have that too.

So anyways we decided that we would go into the city and find something to do. After driving around and checking out some of the local spots and hangouts we still couldn't decide what to do, but we started to get hungry. If I remember correctly we really didn't have that much money so we knew we couldn't get something too pricey (or mayber we wanted to save money for booze, I really can't remember) so we ultimately decided to get some Subway. We were both really into eating Subway subs at that point, I loved tuna and he loved meatball or steak & cheese subs. So we got two foot long subs, mine tuna, his meatball, so that we could split it. Cause he did like tuna and I had never tried the meatball.

Now we didn't want to sit at the Subway and eat, we wanted to eat somewhere, just not there. Nothing against subway, cause that one is really nice, but it was a nice, dc night and I really wanted to be outside. So we're driving and ultimately we end up at the Mall (Smithsonian). This place is undeniable one of our favorites spots in all of DC. No explanation needed. So I say freak it lets just find a nice spot to sit and eat, which around there it's not that hard. Imagine us walking around with two foot long subs! We end up sitting on a bench right next to one of my favorite museaums, the Freer Gallery of Art.

Then all of a sudden we both hear a loud, boom!!! We look around thinking what is going on? Shortly we see a glittering, colorful, rays of 'fire' coming down. For some reason or another there were fireworks. I love fireworks! Till this day I don't know why there were fireworks.

So we sat back in one our favorite spots, eating subs, watching fireworks and talking about everything we wanted to do/accomplish in our lives. Totally unplanned, but most romantic.


A Day In The Life of a Struggling "Adult" College Student


After so many years of putting off college for many reasons, I have come to terms with the idea of taking my first steps into this loooong journey. And I'm going to try my best to log in my day to day schooling. The following is the struggles of an adult college student.

Sometime ago I really began to think about my life. I mean really think about it. I ponder where I want to be and ultimately who I want to be and of course what's going to make me happy. So after much consideration, I took my butt to one of the local community colleges and enrolled. Well I enrolled online but I still had to go on campus to take my placement exam. Which was a 50/50 experience. By 50/50 I mean that I never minded taking tests, except for math ones. For someone being out of school for almost 10 years I did pretty damn well, with the exception of math. It was never really my strong suit, so i know I'm going to have a lot of studying on that subject. So I know that ultimately that's probably going to be one of the last classes I take.

Next step start registering for school. I knew that school would be expensive I just didn't realize how...expensive. Granted my tuition is double simply because I live out of county. You see I could go to an in county community college. But the one I am attending now offers an internship at the notable Smithsonian and I plan on getting one of those spots. So if I must pay double then lead me to where the free money is.

So at this point I knew that since I hadn't properly prepared myself and my wallet, that I would have to wait yet another semester to take classes. So now it brings me to this present day where living my daily life and expenses I had only manage to save enough for one class. Fortunately some of that free money did kick in so that helped. So now here I wait with my pigtails tied with pick ribbons and my Little Pony lunchbox and my book bag full of books for my class to begin.