Instagram as of Late.

oh welcome the dogs days of summer. wait, is it officially summer?

either way. i've been spending most of my days as of late - working, sleeping, reading and relaxing.

one of my favorite hobbies is reading. ever since i was a child i would hours upon hours reading books and fortunately it's something that hasn't changed. my latest favorite place to buy books is at the thrift store. i was utterly amazed by the amount of books there, several new releases. and the best part the books are anywhere $1-$3.00 a book. seriously! how awesome is that!

so while i spend my days in far away places - i will still be snapping away and on occasion sharing my experiences.

ta da for now.

I suffer from this. :)

Flowers before the leaves;tree outside my dad's apt./Flowers from the bosses for Admin Day/Me 6.10/New Ink
Dinner Chicken Stir Fry/Wonder Woman-Yup that's Me/BBQ Meat Platter/Mother's Day w/my mom and sister
Me 4.17/Chupacabra DC/Modern Disney Princess Office Decor/Me 6.12
My Bella/Boots/Butterflies Office Decor/Turkish Embassy Beautiful Robe