Easter Party Banner

So for the past month I have been planning our family's annual Easter party. It's something that started a few years back by my best friend. My family and I never really ever did anything for Easter other than the typical of every Catholic family; church and eat fish.

Seriously that's all I remember of Easter growing up.

Versus my best friend who grew up on Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets. I remember one year my best friend asked me what I would be doing for Easter, specifically for my niece, and I replied nothing. She stared at me with a look of extreme shock. She couldn't believe I hadn't grown up with the same traditions as she. Let alone that I would have my niece grow up with the same dull Easter traditions as I. She even said what kind of childhood did I have without Easter baskets! Ha!

She quickly started the tradition with our family of egg hunts and baskets, even if it was just for my niece. Now the small "get togethers" have become quite an affair.

Anyway as I was saying I've been a month into the planning and fortunately I have the help of my sister and cousin, who have helped greatly with the to-do list.

This year I have added some decorative elements to the party. Not too many or I would probably freak the hell out!

In my opinion, the most important decoration of the any party is the banner, along with table covers. I have no idea why I think table covers are so important, but to me they are.

So after searching online for the "perfect" font. I was able to find a bunch of different kinds of themes, not just Easter themes, on catchmyparty. I decided to go with the polka dots, not too girly or boyish, perfect.

So here are the probably unnecessary, but super easy instructions on how to make your very own banner!

And there you have it folks, banner all done!!!

I'll post a picture of the banner hanging once its party time. I currently have it pressed in between a couple of thick books, so the ends won't curl up.


Chicken Wreath.

I first had this tasty, fatty, and oh so yummy dish a few years back. My best friend made it for dinner once and I instantly felled in love with it!

When I tell you this is good, its better than good. Its God little gift to my tummy!

So I finally decided that I should try my hand at duplicating the recipe. I was able to find a basic and simple recipe online and ta-da!

I bring you the chicken wreath!

What I love about this recipe is that you can add pretty much add whichever vegetable you like or if you don't like veggies you can omit that.

I didn't add the water chestnuts, added extra cheese and I brought some store made rotisserie chicken (I was in a bit of a hurry, but it worked just as well). Pair up the done and freshly baked wreath with some sour cream and you have yummy, creamy, delicious cheesy goodness.

Everyone I know who has tried this, has fallen in love with it as much as I have. Even my niece who absolutely hates veggies, loves this dish. I'm sure this will be the next hit at the dinner table!


First Outfit Post.

So this is my first official outfit post.

Now now, I will be the first to admit that my sense of style is well...ever so evolving. Basically I'm still trying to figure it out. I've never really fitted into one type of style: preppy, classy, labeled, rockstar...

When I was young I wore what my mother gave me. And usually what my mother gave me was what she could afford, which wasn't always much. Then once I had my own money, I really couldn't figure out what clothes looked best on me.

So as I said I'm still trying to figure it out.

Plus I think this would be a nice way of documenting my change, not only style, but also my weight-loss.

Oh did I mention that I've lost some lbs...oh I didn't. Well long story short...this is the year of me. And me includes health. And if making sure I'm healthy results in some weight-loss well that's a plus.

Top: Gift from my sister and niece  Bottom: Forever 21  Shoes: Rainbow
Bracelets: Heart - Forever 21 Pearl - Well I brought that so long ago, I don't remember.


Everywhere but here.

So needless to say that title explains it all...I've been everywhere but here. I can go into a lengthy explanation as to where I have been, but I won't bored you with that.

Let's just say I've lacking inspiration or motivation. And I've been quite ill. But I have certainly not forgotten my "baby".

With that being said --- this site is currently going through some construction, so please bear with me while I finalize some changes.

In addition, I've become an Instagram whore. So I've pretty much been there and lacking everywhere else. And this what I've been up to...