My Little Pony Birthday Cake! I don't get either, but I like pink and cake!

So few of you may know my I just celebrated my birthday. Go Caps! I'm a dork, I know. This year I wasn't too excited cause turns out that I wasn't going to be able to celebrate it the way I wanted to, so basically I was content with just something something not so...extravagant. I was planning a hike in one of our many parks or even visiting some of my favorite museums. After talking to my sister, I realized my plans were not gonna happen. She had an entire weekend celebration planned out for me and I just accepted any thing coming my way.

Friday goes as planned. I had planned a girl's movie night, fun! We watched the award winning Black Swan. It was really, really good, cept that I'm still kinda sorta trying to wrap my head around the end...."I don't get it." But it's an interesting must watch.

So Saturday rolls around and I am expecting to have a family lunch followed by a clubbing night.
Around 4pm I realize my sister hasn't called me or text me...hmmmm. She finally responds to me at 5ish and says she is just now waking up. So that plan is out the door and later I find out that the clubbing part is too! I didn't anything I wanted or could have done because I had planned other people's plans. I did however get to enjoy a relaxing night end with Mr. P.

My baby cousin trying to get as much cake as humanly possible.
Sunday I was suppose to take an hour drive to my aunt's house to relax and end the weekend in a peaceful way by eating cake! Yet another change of plans, home made dinner at home. Which was totally fine with me, as long as there was cake! The funny part was that I thought it was gonna be dinner for 8 adults and 2 kids, turned out to be a 12 adults and 8 kids. My mother and my aunt surprised me by coming over. Mind you I don't get to see them very much. Soon enough it was loud, messy and hot, but I wouldn't have it any other way. That sounds kinda nasty.

Overall I had a fantastic birthday, thanks ever so much to my sister and family. Muah!

I got not 1, not 2 but 3 purses for my birthday!

It's Icy Outside

So the latest eastern coast winter storm hit us with a grand slap to the face! I almost slipped half a dozen times. The worst part of it all was that I had to go to work...which I didn't mind, I just really don't like driving in bad weather. Also it didn't help that I was leaving the house I had my purse, lunch and recyclables. The recyclables didn't make it that day...The whole entire ground was covered in ice! And I forgotten my "rubbers" ...boats at my place. Walking around in icy conditions and Adidas don't mix very well.

So as I'm leaving my home away from home, I am confronted my the downhill driveway. I honestly considered turning my butt back around but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Thank goodness I had a fence to hold onto or else it was gonna be a butt slide all the way down. After 30 minutes of taking the ice off my car (I must admit I was taking my sweet time) I finally made it into my car. Surprising the commute wasn't that bad once I got onto the main roads and by the end of the day I was able to safety walk on the ground.

Nothing like winter weather...preparing for the unexpected.


The Mis-Adventures of the Holidays - The Finale


Who doesn't love Christmas. All the presents, shopping, caroles, snow...spending all your money. Yea you kinda go broke too, forgot about that. Ok let's forget about that. So every Christmas I get to be Santa Claus times two. I mean not only am I buying gifts for my love ones but my Daddy who isn't to big on shopping gives me his list so that I can be his personal shopper for everyone else. It always start off good but ends up being the most horrific thing I can do. So this year I was determine to stay in the lovely Christmas spirit.

Two things I always try to do my very best is to...
A. Buy the gifts slowly, like two or three at a time.
B. Wrap them as I bring em home.
The second part doesn't always work so well, seeing as I'm at the mall for hours and am exhausted by the time I get home.  So I tried to the weekend shopping and realize that everyone and their mother is at the mall on the weekends. Regardless I continued with my task at hand, once I finally make it home, I turned the phone on and start listening to Christmas songs on Pandora as I wrap my life away. You know trying to keep with the spirit. I love Christmas songs, all of them. However when you take your time to do everything like I do, around an hour or two, the songs aren't too "joyous" anymore.

So the days are being counted down and for some reason or another I find myself on Christmas Eve and I still have a few people to go. Oh no! Out of my years of Christmas shopping I have never, ever waited to the very last day to finish shopping, NEVER! So I was extremely foolish in thinking that I would be one of the "few" people who go to the mall. I was badly mistaken. Ha! I go to the mall after leaving work a couple of hours early, yes I HAD to work. It took my about 20-30 minutes to find a parking spot in a mall that has a valley of parking spaces. I didn't even park in a spot I had to make one next to an abandoned garage, in their driveway. I only did it because someone else had.

You know I go in, maneuvering my way through people traffic. I am literally in and out of stores. I am out of that store in less than 45 minutes...empty handed! Yet I am do not let myself get discouraged. I continue onto the next mall which I know I should have gone to first and it's not so packed. Thank goodness! And I make it out just in time to get home, finish wrapping and get ready for dinner on time.

I still managed to get frustrated this year but that was partially because I thought it would be fun to bring my kid nieces along for the shopping fun one day. Big mistake! Never again. But overall it's always worth to see the priceless smiles of everyone when they open the gift you spent hours, long lines, mall traffic, money, energy on.

Feliz Navidad.


The "Mis-Adventures" of the Holidays - Part Deux

Then along came a little holiday called Thanksgiving, which is MY HOLIDAY!!!! Sorry I get a little over bearing of the holiday. I like to be the commander in chief/chef for this one, until I realized that I have one hour to go till dinner time I still have to cook about 3 more items! Thank goodness for appetizers. This year it was almost a one (wo)man mission, fortunately my sister and my cousin helped a bit.

So the adventure begins....first get the whole menu.

Mind you I am standing in line to pay...in the middle of the aisle. Yes it's the one that everyone seems to be out in the grocery store...I wonder why?

Precious cargo, no riding in the truck 

Prepping....I need EVERYTHING!

This turkey is covered in family "secrets", it's what makes it extra juicy.

I had to refuel at some point.

The end result...5 minutes into the meal. I still haven't gotten my plate.

So sitting amongst family and my family friends, we enjoy yet another Thanksgiving dinner. All the work feels good and yummy.

The Mis-Adventures of the Holidays - Part Uno

Well it's really not mis-adventures since for one I think my holiday went over pretty smooth, a couple of exceptions here and there, but nothing to big. I mean I can't be perfect! :)
Hollow's Eve aka Halloween

I absolutely love Halloween. Candy, costumes, scary movies, why shouldn't I. Every year I tend to do something a little different. Last year I partied till I couldn't anymore! This year I took a more quiet, family-friendly approach. BOOOO! It's all good tho. I had lots of fun, picking out pumpkins with the girls and trick or treatn'. And stealing all the crunch bars I could get my hands on. Unfortunately I forgot to take a lot of pictures of everything that happened in the craving incident. Lots of kids...to few pumpkins...lots of "guts". So I present to you the process of me craving my pumpkin.