Heart's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, I would like to share with you my most romantic day. Oddly enough it didn't include an expensive dinner or trip, a lavish piece of jewelry or even the sweetest words spoken.
One day me and Mr.P were sitting around the house thinking about what to do, we finally decide let's just get in the car and go into the city. That's one of the advantages of living in the DMV area. If you want city, you have the city, if you want country, you got it and if you want suburbia, then we have that too.

So anyways we decided that we would go into the city and find something to do. After driving around and checking out some of the local spots and hangouts we still couldn't decide what to do, but we started to get hungry. If I remember correctly we really didn't have that much money so we knew we couldn't get something too pricey (or mayber we wanted to save money for booze, I really can't remember) so we ultimately decided to get some Subway. We were both really into eating Subway subs at that point, I loved tuna and he loved meatball or steak & cheese subs. So we got two foot long subs, mine tuna, his meatball, so that we could split it. Cause he did like tuna and I had never tried the meatball.

Now we didn't want to sit at the Subway and eat, we wanted to eat somewhere, just not there. Nothing against subway, cause that one is really nice, but it was a nice, dc night and I really wanted to be outside. So we're driving and ultimately we end up at the Mall (Smithsonian). This place is undeniable one of our favorites spots in all of DC. No explanation needed. So I say freak it lets just find a nice spot to sit and eat, which around there it's not that hard. Imagine us walking around with two foot long subs! We end up sitting on a bench right next to one of my favorite museaums, the Freer Gallery of Art.

Then all of a sudden we both hear a loud, boom!!! We look around thinking what is going on? Shortly we see a glittering, colorful, rays of 'fire' coming down. For some reason or another there were fireworks. I love fireworks! Till this day I don't know why there were fireworks.

So we sat back in one our favorite spots, eating subs, watching fireworks and talking about everything we wanted to do/accomplish in our lives. Totally unplanned, but most romantic.

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