Auntie & Nieces Day

Recently I had my first monthly auntie & nieces day. What's that u ask...well it was "politely" brought to my attention that I don't spend enough time with my niece, by my niece. And she's right. You see if I'm not at my boyfriends, I'm in class,studying, working, working out, running errands basically doing a bunch of things other than spending time with them. So together we came up with auntie & nieces day. One day out of the month i spend with them doing whatever is fun for them and at the same time i'm having quality time with them.

The day finally came, so quickly that I really didn't have too much planned. Plus it started to rain so we couldn't be outside much. After googling for some ideas I finally decided to take em to the Kid Museum, Launch Zone by the National Harbor in Maryland. This area is rather new. About 5 or so years ago it was nothing but land and dirt. Disney brought the land and now its covered in hotels, chic stores and apartments, nice restaurants all facing the harbour. Its a really nice place to say the least. So we head off to the kids museum and it turns out them were doing some arts & crafts for the New Chinese Year. The girls had the opportunity to make a bunch of things.

Then we headed over to Ketchup. This is a restaurant that I've been wanting to eat at for a while but haven't gotten the opportunity. So we sit and enjoyed quite a delicious brunch. The pictures speak for themselves. The prices were reasonably priced. Great service! Cool atmosphere.

I had the cesar salad. Delicious!

The girls had pancakes and meats. I thought it was so
cute that it was placed on adult plates.

And of course no day can be complete without dessert or something sweet. I wanted to eat dessert but the girls had other plans. So we aheaded to the Peeps store and we all got to make a bag full of candy we picked out. Pretty awesome.

So for it being the first auntie and nieces day, i think it was a success.

My girls.

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