Italia Vogue Cover June 2011

Seeing this makes me proud of being thicker than most. It makes me feel beautiful and not alone. I'm glad to see beautiful, sexy, thick women on covers, To be celebrated just as well as a slimer sista. So take a look....

ps. can i be their friends! pss. thank you italia vogue







Helllllooooo Hellooooo Hello (echoing in a cave)

I know that I have been MIA and for that I do apologize. I have been crazy busy with my life. I simply have not had time, and sometimes energy to work on this. However, I haven't forgotten about my lovely blog. I've been keeping and working on stuff, from my phone. So expect many updates and additions.

Thank you everyone or anyone who has stuck around.

So here are a couple of 'myself' updates.
A lot of little personal issues have prevented me from keeping on track. I've really been trying to work on myself. I've started working out and eating better. So far I have lost 11 pounds. However, I gotten myself in a bit of a rut.Therefore, my process has slowed down, but giving up. My ultimate goal is to lose about 50-70 pounds. Yes, it is a lot! But my short term goal is to lose enough weight (by the end of the summer) to go sky diving with Mr. P and friends. Honestly that is the main reason I decided that I needed a change. I didn't want my weight to stop me from living my life to the fullest.

Don't get me wrong I love being me. Ask the closest people to me, I can love myself a bit too much. But I only got to this level after finally convincing myself that I am beautiful, after a life time worth of self agonizing hate. Growing up I always felt less than average looking because I was bigger than most of my friends. I was always the guy's best friend, instead the girlfriend. Then ironically enough being in the worst relationship of my life with a man who helped me see the real beautiful me, help me love me.  Anyways, I have gotten off track.

The end update of "The Mis-Adventures of an Adult College Student" is that I passed my first college course with an A!!!!! So proud of myself! This made me believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Me and Mr. P are still going strong. We have our challenges like every couple, but every passing day I am more convince that he is the love of life.

Well folks I think that everything is set now. Continue to stay tune.