Gradient Nails...

So I been seeing this nail trend a lot lately and I decided to give it a shot - the gradient nail design.

Sammy of thenailasaurus.com is absolutely talented! And more than likely I will be looking to her for ideas and the how to. So I followed her step by step pic tutorial for the gradient nail design.

At first I had some difficulty...and I really didn't like how it turned out at all. Primary I think this was because the colors kinda blended with each other and I didn't do the dark to light blend with the gradient.

But I decided not to quit and I tried it again with colors that didn't resemble in color too much. And I liked the outcome a lot better. And with a little more practice, I think it will look just as good as Sammy's nails.

Top: Sinful Colors - 53 Summer Peach & Sally Hansen-Xtreme Wear - 160 Cherry Red
Bottom: Sinful Colors - 53 Summer Peach & Sinful Colors - 979 Aquamarine


So yeah, I disappeared for a little while. I could give a boat load of reasons for this, but honestly I've just been tired. It's the same old, same old, but just been tired and being lazy. In additions, sometimes dividing up time is a little harder than it looks: work, family, friends, boyfriend, housework, cooking. and oh something call me time. Which I could use a little more of.

Don't get me wrong, I loving spending time with those who know me the best and who I love the most, but sometimes all that attention can take a lot out of me.

Not to even mention that I've been dealing with some health issues. Minor, but bothersome. First, allergies, second, spring/summer colds, third and most bothersome of all, I don't know how to really explain this last one.

Well, it started with some minor itching on my legs, I thought it was a heat rash, which I do tend to get around this time of the year. But then gradually, the itching started to overtake my whole body; legs, arms, back, and stomach. I itched so bad that I would scratch off the skin and scabs took over. Not attractive. I spent says where I couldn't even sleep because the itching was so bad.

(Damn near a month later.) Finally last week I decided that I needed to do something about this. The doctor thinks it can be a few things here and there, but it's still an unknown cause. So now I have to go to an allergist and I'm currently "drugged" up.

And as I write this I have a tremendous pressure on my forehead. But I'm those type of people that "works" to distract myself from...everything. So hopefully I find out what's going on and get better.

After all, I only have one body so I gotta take care of it you know.

But believe it or not I've have been working on a lot of blog ideas just have never got around to actually putting it on paper/online. But slowly I will start putting them in. It is after all officially summer, so lots of ideas and adventures await!

Take care everyone!


I guess you can say it's a bad day...

Truly, honestly, to myself. I only have to blame
for my decline
diminshed prospect
In part some was fear driven
How stupid of me to smile and give thanks to all the small milestones
but that was the only way to validate myself
To be captive in others positive radiance
and only to become even more enraged with myself
because I failed
maybe not just to myself
Making excuses time and time again so I could be view as a martyr
Yet another lie
I didn't know that one could hide within them self
Time slips away yet I stand still
even more frighten to approach
Watching images of what isn't there
Only a small burden of hope
Truly, honestly
I only have myself.


MMs Thought of the Day...

I wonder....
I know I'm not the only one who have done this...it's been proven. You look at facebook profiles of old buddies and go "their life is so perfect" "living the good life" "damn that bitch looks great"

I know you guys have all thought this at one point or another. We might not want to but we do.

But have you ever wondered if someone thinks like that of you? Is someone envious of your facebook life?

Why I Smiled...

1. Finally saw my brother! I haven't seen in about a year and half.
2. Met my nephew. He is absolutely adorable.
3. Had a lot of family time.
4. Played random charades with P. - First time ever. It was hilarious!
5. Had a few days off from work.
6. Ate food from one of my favorite places.
7. My niece received some news from her father.
8. Sharing smiles and laughter with my family.
9. Although our life plans differ a little - P let me know he would never leave me behind.
10. ...And he said "I would like to spend every moment with you, but sometimes I know that you need time for yourself."