Men. How does the saying go, can't live with, can't live without em.

Yes, they can be frustrating, hard headed, stubborn, mean...the list can go on and on. But women also can be exactly the same way I just described the men. But men can also be strong, caring, romantic, thoughtful.

We, yes as women, have a tendency to bad mouth men. Almost has if we're groomed to do so. You know how it is....you get with your best gal pals and sure enough you all start talking about

"he did this and he did that", "omg", "I can't believe he did that"

And we forget to mention all the sweet moments. Yes, I agree there are some jerks in this world, trust me I have encountered some of them. But they are not all terrible or alike. Financially and emotionally we might not need men in our lives. Crap we might not need anyone, ever! However, biologically we still do need men, but that's a whole other story.
But trust me there are good, great, and wonderful men out there. --- It takes some time to find them, and sometimes they just walk into your life, but they are out there. We shouldn't always make rash generalizations about men and then put them all in the same catorgy. Remember if you have the power to change or have evolve as a person, so do some men. I admit I didn't have great or even just ok male figures in my life while I was growing up, but eventually I did.

My father stepped up to the plate 100% and showed me that you can always break free of cycles and fix your mistakes. And that ultimately you can learn to trust and love them.
My brother whom I had to be a second mother to is learning everyday from his mistakes (just like I do) and always tries to be better. Even though he still needs help from time to time but don't we all.
My boyfriend. I admit he is not perfect, neither am I. He is not the classic "fairytale" man, but he is MY "fairytale" come true. Sure we are not the ideal love birds, who are stuck at the hip. We don't always get along. But he inspires and challenges me in ways that I've always desired. And he is the first man that I've ever been with who when he says he loves me, I actually believe and know it to be true.

Men are not always easy to understand, but just because one man hurt you, caused you to mistrust, broke your heart...does not mean that all men will do that. At the end of the day we are all people, good and bad. Learn to see and cherish the true and real people who deserve your time, energy, and love.