A Day In The Life of a Struggling "Adult" College Student


After so many years of putting off college for many reasons, I have come to terms with the idea of taking my first steps into this loooong journey. And I'm going to try my best to log in my day to day schooling. The following is the struggles of an adult college student.

Sometime ago I really began to think about my life. I mean really think about it. I ponder where I want to be and ultimately who I want to be and of course what's going to make me happy. So after much consideration, I took my butt to one of the local community colleges and enrolled. Well I enrolled online but I still had to go on campus to take my placement exam. Which was a 50/50 experience. By 50/50 I mean that I never minded taking tests, except for math ones. For someone being out of school for almost 10 years I did pretty damn well, with the exception of math. It was never really my strong suit, so i know I'm going to have a lot of studying on that subject. So I know that ultimately that's probably going to be one of the last classes I take.

Next step start registering for school. I knew that school would be expensive I just didn't realize how...expensive. Granted my tuition is double simply because I live out of county. You see I could go to an in county community college. But the one I am attending now offers an internship at the notable Smithsonian and I plan on getting one of those spots. So if I must pay double then lead me to where the free money is.

So at this point I knew that since I hadn't properly prepared myself and my wallet, that I would have to wait yet another semester to take classes. So now it brings me to this present day where living my daily life and expenses I had only manage to save enough for one class. Fortunately some of that free money did kick in so that helped. So now here I wait with my pigtails tied with pick ribbons and my Little Pony lunchbox and my book bag full of books for my class to begin.

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