A Day In The Life of a Struggling "Adult" College Student


I think it’s very obvious that I’m not really all that good at tracking day to day events, since I say I’m gonna do and I don’t. Once I get my whole laptop situation settled I hope I get better at that. Anyways, with that being said, I have definitely already been in school for about a month now. So needless to say there is a bit to share.
My First Day
So here I am go round and round the parking lot trying to find a spot. I’m already a little late and the guy in the car in front of me is going sooooo slow. Not the kinda slow that you imagine when you’re running late, but the for real slow. I half way want to get out of my car and walk to his car, knock on the window and tell him to hurry the hell up! But no, my focus is to get a spot and dash across campus so I won’t be so late. Finally I find one, stop by the campus store because I forgot I need something required for class and keep on going. I make it into the building; go downstairs, down the hall, round the corner and a see a bunch of people. At this point I know well the professor’s late so I’m technically not making a bad first impression. We sit around waiting and waiting, 30 minutes have gone by and still no professor. By this point a fellow classmate decides to make a couple of calls, which really didn’t lead to anything. A nearby professor finally decides to offer some advice…leave. Here I am semi excited for the first day and the teacher doesn’t show up! I think that’s a good first day. Later we all find out that he thought the class was on Thursday instead of Tuesday. Apologized greatly and kept on moving.
Once we all got to finally meet the prof. and got to see what he was about, I think we all might agree that he’s a pretty cool, laid back (but still expect his assignments on time) professor. I must admit I’m glad about that. I didn’t want to get shell shocked on my first college course. I know I’m bound to come across that horrible professor one day, but at least I’ll be half way prepared for it.
Currently I’m working on English grammar and a comparison/contrast and some bits of cause and effect essay. The essay was due last week however the prof. decided that for the most part some of us needed an extra week. I was so excited to turn it in and get a grade, see how I would do, but I guess it just gives me another week to “really” work on it. At this point I’m starting to realize and fully comprehend that the class by means even though I have a pretty cool professor, is easy. It takes work, time and thought into it. All time thus far was dedicated to work or play. I’m happy with my decision, I know it’s a good and I know it will all pay off in the end.

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