The "Mis-Adventures" of the Holidays - Part Deux

Then along came a little holiday called Thanksgiving, which is MY HOLIDAY!!!! Sorry I get a little over bearing of the holiday. I like to be the commander in chief/chef for this one, until I realized that I have one hour to go till dinner time I still have to cook about 3 more items! Thank goodness for appetizers. This year it was almost a one (wo)man mission, fortunately my sister and my cousin helped a bit.

So the adventure begins....first get the whole menu.

Mind you I am standing in line to pay...in the middle of the aisle. Yes it's the one that everyone seems to be out in the grocery store...I wonder why?

Precious cargo, no riding in the truck 

Prepping....I need EVERYTHING!

This turkey is covered in family "secrets", it's what makes it extra juicy.

I had to refuel at some point.

The end result...5 minutes into the meal. I still haven't gotten my plate.

So sitting amongst family and my family friends, we enjoy yet another Thanksgiving dinner. All the work feels good and yummy.

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