The Mis-Adventures of the Holidays - Part Uno

Well it's really not mis-adventures since for one I think my holiday went over pretty smooth, a couple of exceptions here and there, but nothing to big. I mean I can't be perfect! :)
Hollow's Eve aka Halloween

I absolutely love Halloween. Candy, costumes, scary movies, why shouldn't I. Every year I tend to do something a little different. Last year I partied till I couldn't anymore! This year I took a more quiet, family-friendly approach. BOOOO! It's all good tho. I had lots of fun, picking out pumpkins with the girls and trick or treatn'. And stealing all the crunch bars I could get my hands on. Unfortunately I forgot to take a lot of pictures of everything that happened in the craving incident. Lots of kids...to few pumpkins...lots of "guts". So I present to you the process of me craving my pumpkin.


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