It's Icy Outside

So the latest eastern coast winter storm hit us with a grand slap to the face! I almost slipped half a dozen times. The worst part of it all was that I had to go to work...which I didn't mind, I just really don't like driving in bad weather. Also it didn't help that I was leaving the house I had my purse, lunch and recyclables. The recyclables didn't make it that day...The whole entire ground was covered in ice! And I forgotten my "rubbers" ...boats at my place. Walking around in icy conditions and Adidas don't mix very well.

So as I'm leaving my home away from home, I am confronted my the downhill driveway. I honestly considered turning my butt back around but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Thank goodness I had a fence to hold onto or else it was gonna be a butt slide all the way down. After 30 minutes of taking the ice off my car (I must admit I was taking my sweet time) I finally made it into my car. Surprising the commute wasn't that bad once I got onto the main roads and by the end of the day I was able to safety walk on the ground.

Nothing like winter weather...preparing for the unexpected.

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