Missing Out.

the problem I have is that I over analyze every detail. sometimes I go over one thing over and over again or sometimes I am so caught up on one thing that I miss out on other things.

i must stop this.  --- as i type this i'm trying so hard not to go back over all the non-capitalized 'i'

there are times that i get so consumed with work that i don't have enough time for say...my boyfriend, my family, my friends or even typing up a new blog post. and then there are times, that i'm working so hard on this blog (over analyzing every detail) that I miss out on what's going on at home.

i must find a happy medium.

so i will try my best to type about my experiences and if i don't share about a couple of things here and there, i will try not to beat myself up about it. i will stop holding onto rough drafts of my posts...seriously. and i will live my life and stop missing it.

ps. sorry to all my English teachers --- the next few posts will have all sorts of errors.

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