So yeah, I disappeared for a little while. I could give a boat load of reasons for this, but honestly I've just been tired. It's the same old, same old, but just been tired and being lazy. In additions, sometimes dividing up time is a little harder than it looks: work, family, friends, boyfriend, housework, cooking. and oh something call me time. Which I could use a little more of.

Don't get me wrong, I loving spending time with those who know me the best and who I love the most, but sometimes all that attention can take a lot out of me.

Not to even mention that I've been dealing with some health issues. Minor, but bothersome. First, allergies, second, spring/summer colds, third and most bothersome of all, I don't know how to really explain this last one.

Well, it started with some minor itching on my legs, I thought it was a heat rash, which I do tend to get around this time of the year. But then gradually, the itching started to overtake my whole body; legs, arms, back, and stomach. I itched so bad that I would scratch off the skin and scabs took over. Not attractive. I spent says where I couldn't even sleep because the itching was so bad.

(Damn near a month later.) Finally last week I decided that I needed to do something about this. The doctor thinks it can be a few things here and there, but it's still an unknown cause. So now I have to go to an allergist and I'm currently "drugged" up.

And as I write this I have a tremendous pressure on my forehead. But I'm those type of people that "works" to distract myself from...everything. So hopefully I find out what's going on and get better.

After all, I only have one body so I gotta take care of it you know.

But believe it or not I've have been working on a lot of blog ideas just have never got around to actually putting it on paper/online. But slowly I will start putting them in. It is after all officially summer, so lots of ideas and adventures await!

Take care everyone!

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