Gradient Nails...

So I been seeing this nail trend a lot lately and I decided to give it a shot - the gradient nail design.

Sammy of thenailasaurus.com is absolutely talented! And more than likely I will be looking to her for ideas and the how to. So I followed her step by step pic tutorial for the gradient nail design.

At first I had some difficulty...and I really didn't like how it turned out at all. Primary I think this was because the colors kinda blended with each other and I didn't do the dark to light blend with the gradient.

But I decided not to quit and I tried it again with colors that didn't resemble in color too much. And I liked the outcome a lot better. And with a little more practice, I think it will look just as good as Sammy's nails.

Top: Sinful Colors - 53 Summer Peach & Sally Hansen-Xtreme Wear - 160 Cherry Red
Bottom: Sinful Colors - 53 Summer Peach & Sinful Colors - 979 Aquamarine

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