Heart's Day Cake...

I know how this is going to sound, kinda housewifey (no offense to all my housewives out there, woot woot) but I've been waiting for about month to bake this cake. I'm excited!

Me and my family are having our monthly family dinner on Valentine's Day. No particular reason just picked that day. So I decided along with dinner I wanted to make something special, I mean it is Valentine's Day! So something special = something sweet!

I saw this a recipe and cake decorating ideas from the mag Real Simple about a month ago, as I was waiting endlessly for jury duty to be over with. I kept ("borrowed") the mag so that I could give it a try. And then last week I saw this really neat cake pan at Target by Wilton and now I bring you....Maria makes a cake. Fun.

Yellow Cake Recipe and Vanilla Frosting Recipe

                       Can't wait till its in my tummy! Happy Heart's Day Everyone!


I need to give props to all the housewives, stay at home moms/dads, and full time working folks. I can only imagine baking a cake (from scratch), making dinner and on top of it all having little ones to worry about. You definitely do it all and then some. My respect.

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