I've been hiding for the past 3 days. Myself and Mr. P pretty much locked ourselves in the house for these days. There has been a lot of personal drama going on and we just decided to spend time together and rest.

See it pretty much started after V-day. Without going into too many details, we have been going thru some stuff. You know every couple has them, no matter how much they may deny or to claim their perfection. Its all Lies! Every couple, no matter how long they have been together, have had their bad moments. At the end of the day it should make you a better and stronger couple.

So anyway the whole ordeal finally climaxed this past Thursday night. I was pulling up to the driveway only to see that there is an ambulance parked on the street. I pray that its not for Mr. P, but deep down inside I kinda know it was for him.

Sure enough I walk into the house and 3 paramedics are trying to convince Mr. P that he needs to go to the hospital. He has dislocated his shoulder yet again. This would make it the third time. I later learn that once the shoulder dislocates it can easily happen again....not cool. Apparently Mr. P fell and out came the shoulder. So we ultimately make it to the ER and we begin our wait.

We are sitting down, him with his agonizing pain and me with completely shaking "out of my skin...no body" nerves. In between the waiting, X-rays, pain meds, and getting home, we have a lot of time to talk, especially about the dealings of the past couple of days.

Funny how a "simple" hospital trip can help you remember that "hey, I care about this person a lot and I don't want to lose them." I said, "helps remember" because sometimes through all the daily grinds of life, work, school, family, errands, this and that. You sometimes tend to forget that you have a partner who deserves the same attention, care and love. We sometimes tend to take out all of our anger and frustrations out on the people we love the most. And forget that we want and need them in our lives.

So needless to say, Mr. P wasn't feeling his greatest and I was mentally exhausted. So we spent the whole weekend watching movies, TV, eating, sleeping and just plain old relaxing. I started to try to be productive but I realized that I needed to dedicate time to my relationship.

In the end I had a great weekend after a whole week of BS. I hope and will try my best to continue to have more many days of rest, peace and love.

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