Ok I am the first to admit that I am not the most creative person, even though I would love to claim as such. I love seeing people create beautiful and pretty things with their own hands. I love the magazine, Real Simple and look up to people like Martha Stewart for both their creatures and organization. Now organization is something I'm great at. I love looking at a room and seeing all the potential.

But as I was saying creating things is not my forte, but I have started to dabble in a bit. So as I go along, I will share some of my activities. And of course if anyone has some suggestions or plain out has a better way of doing something, I welcome them.

So I made little Valentine gift bags for my nieces. I pretty much just got a bunch of little things and put them in a bag. It's kinda like Easter baskets, but bags.

However, I wanted to add a little special treat in there as well. I love hair accessories. I try to give my nieces barrettes and bows so that they can wear them. My nieces can sometimes be a bit...eccentric. And they always like to play around with their hair...and mine. I think once they even stuck a comb in there!

So off I went to the crafts store to buy some delights.

My supplies:
-Glue gun
-Glue sticks
-Ribbon of your choice
-Fabric'd headband

I also brought some gemstones, but at the last minute I decided to not add it to the headband.

I love that you can pretty much grab any ribbon and add it to headband. So be creative, add feathers,  felt patterns, buttons, glitter (i love glitter!), anything. Add your own unique touch.

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