So the other day I was looking through People magazine and it had a pretty neat idea. A DIY project where you can store your jewelry on a bulletin board. I live part time at my boyfriend house and needless to say most of my jewelry is at his house, jewelry box less. So figure I would give it a go. I hate that all of my stuff is in one big pile, becoming the easiest way to damage and lose jewelry.

So I went off to the store, brought a bulletin board and some pushpins. But I really couldn't find any pretty push pins, so I decided I was going to make some. I brought the regular looking pushpins and I already had glitter and glue. It was actually quite simple.

Step 1 - Gather all my supplies. Paper plate, push pins, glitter, glue.

Step 2 - Either put the glitter on a plate or zip-lock bag (which I didn't have, thus the paper plate)
They can be mixed together or kept separate.

Step 3 - Now roll the push pin in the glitter or put a group of glued push pin in the zip lock bag, and shake.

Step 4 - Set the push pins to dry.
I suggest that you carefully stand up the pins, not laying because if there's too much glue on the pin, it will drip off. You can lightly pierce it through the paper plate before finally pushing the pin onto the bullentin board.

This is the finished project! Love it!


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