Hallow's Eve

Oh Halloween, Halloween! I absolutely love Halloween, its happens to be one of my favorites holidays. I love everything about it:decorations, scary movies, candy, the parties, the costumes, weather, the whole vibe in general.

The best part is dressing up. I know, I know sometimes it can get a little expensive buying a new costume each year, let alone trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. A lot of people this year either waited to the very last minute to get some deal off of a costume, made their own, or created something out of their closet...this is kinda what I did.

So this year I decided that I wanted to be a "traditional" day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos)-- "girl." Ok you might be thinking either "what's that?" or "ok a zombie" It's not really a zombie but I certainly was "dead." Day of the dead is a Mexican holiday in where people remember deceased loves ones, by decorating & visiting alters. Even though it is a bit morbid, the decorations can be very pretty.



People can and do wear makeup to embody or reseamble the dead. Well this is what initially gave me the idea. I was looking for a new background for my phone when I came across this picture...

And I fell in love with the whole idea. Thus I started my transformation into live human to sexy dead corspe. Let me tell you that applying all the makeup took a lot longer than I expected. I think it took me about an hour and half. And towards the end I kinda had to rush because I was late to the party. It was well worth the time but I sincerely didn't believe it was going to take me that long.

 I wanted to put an instructional video but I still haven't gotten my whole laptop situation fixed so I don't have access to many video editing programs right now. Maybe later. So this how my makeup turned out.  


Overall, I was really proud of how it turned out. And my fam and friends were really impressed. I guess it's not the typical costume. Now my sister wants to have a whole theme party involving everyone done up similarly!

So finished the look by buying a pair of earrings and top that had a "Spanish" flair to it. And a skirt that I already had own. (I can't put that picture up right now...technical issues!)

Overall I think I spent less that $40 bucks. Plus the earrings and top is something that I can continue to wear. So no lost money there!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!

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