Outfit Post: Tooth Hound

I’m not much of a ‘patterns’ girl – For the most part I tend to keep my style simple and basic. And if you must say it –  quite timeless.

However, tooth hound has really captured my eye. When I see any clothing with this pattern I automatically run to it. It has the basic-ness that I love, two solid colors but with a creative kick.

So once I found this dress I was stuck…and lucky. There was only this one dress and one size and fortunately it was my size. And the fit was on point! Lucky!

Not only do I love the pattern but I love that the style of the dress makes it very environmentally versatile. I can wear it to work, to dinner, to church, or even to a casual wedding. Awesome, right?!

On this day I wore the dress to work and paired it with a simple bangle, pair of studded earrings and a jean jacket. I looked prim, neat, and proper! What more can a girl ask for…in a dress!

Jacket - Old Navy   Dress - Forever 21   Leggings & Shoes - Seriously you can get those anywhere   

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