Second TV or Not to Get Second TV.

So P and I currently only have one TV in our home. And yes it is a glorious TV, it’s the perfect (huge) size, the quality is so on point. And I truly enjoy watching TV on it.
But as of lately there has been a little bit of an issue. I don’t mind watching the same shows as P, but sometimes we have completely different tastes in shows. Some of the shows I want to watch happen to interfere with his scheduled programming.
The only time that I have full control of what I watch is either Saturday or Sunday mornings, when P is full dead on asleep.
So I asked myself, should I get another TV? Doesn’t seem like such a deep question, and it isn’t’. However there are some components that make it a big deal for me.
1.       The only place that we could set up another TV is in the bedroom. I’ve never really liked the idea of a TV in the bedroom. It can cause a bit of a disturbance, like not being able to sleep soundly b/c the TV is on super loud. Plus it takes away from the intimacy of the bedroom.

2.       Watching TV together actually creates a bit of a bond/closeness. And I worry that having two TVs in two separate rooms will make us not bond as much.

3.       Yes, I can watch shows on many streaming sites such Hulu or Netflix or whatever, but not all the shows I like are on the sites.

I’m a natural worry wart, so maybe being “dramatic” about getting another TV isn’t so “dramatic” but I think it’s a legitimate question!

Oh what to do?

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