My little break

So I had to disappear for a little while; take a little break. Writing in this blog started to become a chore and a hassle, even though I love to write. But I felt that I had to constantly think of new tasks, ideas, diy, fashion, recipes, lessons, jokes, everything...and it was just too much.

I needed sometime to reevaluate not only this blog but a few other things in my life.

But I also wanted to just breathe. To lay in bed, read a book, watch a movie, play video games, anything to distract me from pressure and thought. And of course one can never truly escape pressure, thought, life. But I think it's good to take a break every now and again.

In this break I realized that the reason I no longer even wanted to write this blog was because I was too busy trying to be like every other blog out here. The initial reason I even started this blog was to vent and express myself, my life, but it turned into gimmicks, attention, and 'is this cool?'

Yes, my life consists of new tasks, of always thinking of new ideas, I love diy and fashion, I love trying new recipes and cooking. I love joking around and hanging around. Truthfully, my life is not as glamorous as many other bloggers.

No, I do not travel around the world even though I constantly dream about it and I know I will get to one day. No, I do not have the best fashion sense. I love to wear what feels best. No, I am not the most creative person, but I enjoy trying out new things.

No, MMs is not the word, its more of an adventure. I'm just taking in what life has to offer and trying to live to the fullest. I can't have this blog turn into another chore or even worse something I hate to do. I'll write when I feel that I want to share, when I have something to say. Yes, there will still be some of the typical blogger stuff, but it will be me, as sincerely as I can possibly be.

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