Growing Up...

Yes, I know getting older is part of life, you can't hide from that. However, at times...time just flies by so fast.

You can't relive anything, you can't hit rewind to play back what you missed. Time just keeps on strolling by with her high heels on.

It seems like only yesterday my sister was bringing my brand new baby niece home. She was our little doll. And my heart must have grown at least 3 sizes bigger because of her. ---- Not to say that I was some heartless chick, I just didn't' know I had that capability to love a person unconditionally and instantly.

Now my sweet, sweet, darling Bea is being promoted from her elementary school. And as I watch her sitting in her seat amongst her classmates, waving at me from afar. I want to have a mental breakdown of tears because not only am I proud of her - I see my niece with her own swag, style, being herself...no longer that little baby I use to cradle in my arms.

I hope one day I have enough courage to be as fearless and independent as her. Or just maybe I helped a little in instilling that in her...maybe.

Bea with her mom, my sista. 

Me and my Bea.

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