Spring Nail Color...

I am totally obsessed with my new spring nail color! I absolutely love it! Of course spring time always brings out the bright colors and lately I've been noticing a lot of orange. Now usually I don't really ever notice the orange. It doesn't really seem to appeal to me like I don't know... reds, purples, and pinks. Yes, I am such a girl.

But I've really been liking the color orange. It looks really great! But of course I had to find a hue of orange that would kinda go with my skin color. And after buying two other bottles, that turned out more pink than orange. I found it! Thank the fashion Gods!

Tell ya the truth it reminds me of orange Kool Aid. :) And I was finding fun so I mixed it up with a little blue.  ---- Both colors brought to you by Sinful Colors - Professional. 

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