My Bea...

The first day I held you in my arms, your welcoming words were that you stank. Sorry, but it was true at the time. But soon I loved your fresh baby scent and I couldn't stop holding you. Even after you threw up on me. I guess that was your little revenge.

I didn't realized that you could love someone with so much heart and strength. My love for you is completely unbreakable. You started to grow so fast. Your chubby little legs, your curly black pigtails, your precious and sweet smile. Always asking for your favorite snack, ice tea and chips.

Such a funny child, many hearts you have touched, many memories complied of you. Always singing and dancing. Once you saw me crying but you didn't understand that I was not sad, I was just watching a sad movie. It didn't matter, you wanted me to happy nonetheless. You instructed me to be happy and let's take a picture. Which still stands framed for me to see.

Now you're 11. And sometimes my heart breaks a little because you're growing up so fast. You have your opinions and god grant me patience but your attitude is sometimes out of this world.

You are beautiful, smart, kind and absolutely wonderful. You still dance and sing your heart out. And when I leave you still kiss me good bye and tell me to drive safe. Not once will I ever stop loving you, after all you did teach me what love really is. Thank you.

Happy Birthday my Bea. Love you.

Your Tia Maria.

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