It's a regular joke amongst my friends that I am the forget one. Maybe it has to with a lot of certain activities I did as a teenager, early set on Alzheimer, (and I'm not trying to be funny when I say that) or maybe I'm just plain forgetful. I don't know, but either way I forget a lot of stuff, like all the time.

It's no longer a joke, its a major annoyance. Sometimes I find myself forgetting how to spell words that I use commonly or know that I know but can't remember. I forget all the small things, like for instance today I typed up a blog entry on another computer but forgot to xfer to my computer. I'll forget things that people have reminded me at least twice. I'm thinking this is normal, people forget things. However, the frequency has gotten a bit excessive.

I even have a planner but I just don't write in as often as I should. I could put things on my phone, but I really don't like it. Maybe it doesn't help that all my paperwork/stuff is in between multiple places; P's house, my dad's apt, storage space, purse, car, and sometime at work. I have to reorganize my whole filing system, its just all over the place.

Or just maybe, just maybe, I have too much on my plate. Maybe I have taken on the personal duty of becoming everyone's secretary, when I should just let people take care of their own life. Or maybe because I make up extra activities for myself or make it a lot harder to complete tasks by adding additional tasks on my to do list. I have to make a to do list for my to do list.

I have to piece my life back together little by little. The clutter is starting to consume me. I will get back to my put together self again. One day...soon.

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