You would have thought I had won…

Mr. P looks at me jumping up and down on the couch, while “hysterically” clapping my hands and pumping my fists. He just grins at me.
He continues to look on and now I’m clapping and crying just a bit.
Mr. P asks me “are you crying?” I turned to hide my face, I answer “a little.”
Adele is my home girl. I absolutely love her. And I am so happy for her and that her music is recognized and awarded on this level.
Not 1 or 2 or 3, but 6 GRAMMYS!!!
Her music and her voice speaks volumes to me. In her songs, she captivates that raw emotion in love. I know, I know it sounds cheesy and maybe a little a tacky but its true for me. And yes I cried along with Adele as she accepted her Grammy for Album of the Year and laughed as she acknowledged that she had snot to wipe away.
I am so happy for her and wish her continued success and happiness.

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