My 28th...

hello people of planet earth I finally can maybe, possibly...start working more frequently on mi blog. Why and how do you ask?

Well maybe you're not asking but imma tell you anyways. I finally brought myself a laptop. Yea me! So pretty much no excuses now...unless of course I don't know what to write about. Yikes!

So let's start off where I left off...I can't remember where I left on so I'm going to start with the events of my birthday! So last month I turned 28 years old and I really didn't know what to do to celebrate. Well I did know what I wanted to do but that wasn't in the plans. I wanted a full day spa treatment. Meanwhile Mr. P keeps asking me "what do you want for your birthday?" You would think throwing around hints like "I really could use a massage" or "I can't wait to set up a spa date for myself" well have helped but it didn't.

Ultimately I decided that I would just go to a bar I hadn't been to. That way people could come and drink, eat, talk, hang out, and eventually roll out. We went to BreadSoda in DC. I had never heard of the place and I probably wouldn't have ever found it for Google. ---- I seriously couldn't live without Google.

BreadSoda is located in Glover Park and it's a little ways out, but so worth it. At first I had a hard time finding the place and my saving grace was that there was a little deli type sign on the sidewalk that had the bar's name. The place was pretty spacious for a DC bar which I appreciated it. We even had a whole side table to ourselves. Bottom line the place was really great. Nice atmosphere, clean, fun and I would definitely be going back.

So if anyone wants to check out if your in the DC area check their website www.breadsoda.com

But I really wanted to share some of the special treats I received on that day. I am a very simple girl. I love cards and flowers. I know there not great gifts but I love em.

This is the bouquet of flowers I received at work. Lastly no birthday is complete without a cake and teddy. The teddy is from Mr. P. Thank you everyone for making my 28th a great one!

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