Busy, busy with Thanksgiving preparations, school and work. But I wanted to take a small (and fast) break to let ya know, that I…finally…have…seen…the much anticipated…TWILIGHT MOVIE!!!!
Yes, I am a Twi-hard! I’m neither team Edward nor team Jacob, I love them all. Yes, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I completed love the books and the movies!
I initially got wrapped up in its wonder when I was unemployed…not by choice. But that’s another story. But the book served as an escape from the daily troubles of that time. And I was absolutely smitten with the story. I read all of the books in about a month!
I waited for oh so long for this movie to come out. Excuse the uber excitement, but this is Part 1 of 2 of the end. So what makes this movie so exciting? It’s watching the characters grow and change and just watching the story unfold. And it’s almost the end. Just getting to see how the movie captures the book. Yes, I know, I know, for the most part the book is always better than the movie, but it’s like your imagination coming to life.
I know I am going to have a biased opinion because I repeat I am a Twi-hard. I loved it! Yes, I found it a bit odd that music played pretty much the entire movie, but when the final minutes of the movie came, I realized why this was done. It was completely silent and you could sense the important and the magnitude of the change that Bella (the main character) was going through. I will not spoil it; you will have to see it for yourself. Yes, the movie moved quite fast, very fast actually, but I was happy that the movie showed parts that I didn’t think they would. SPOILER: The delivery, the baby, Jacob’s imprint on ReneEsme. But I would have loved a bit more tease for the next movie. I did love how it almost seemed more relaxed and funny, especially the wedding part. It captured a family coming together and accepting and understanding (unknown) differences...What can I say I’m a sucker for this.
So now I must wait another year or so before the final Twilight movie. It will be a sad moment for me, but I can’t wait!  Sorry that I kinda rushed through this, it’s a bit busy for me. See ya after Turkey day!

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