For the record...

Yes, I truly feel joy, glee, and happiness for all those who have gotten married and starting their new families. These are new changes and the start of new and hopefully wonderful journeys and maybe one day I will get to know what that feels like. But right now I don’t.
Currently, I am not planning my wedding or even engaged. I am not anyone’s biological mother, nor am I currently pregnant.  ---- This does not mean that I have nothing going on in my life!
I am not a loser because I haven’t reached those defining moments in my life, who knows if I ever will.
I repeat I am very genuinely happy for everyone whose life has brought them these new additions into their lives. It is exciting thinking about sharing a home and life with the love of your life. It is exciting picking out baby clothes and names and preparing for the new bundle of joy.
However, because I am not in that stage of my life it does not mean or implies that I have accomplished nothing in my life.  I am working towards a better future for myself and anyone included in it. I feel that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with placing yourself as #1. Isn’t that what we’re taught to do? To love, better, and prepare yourself so that you can become better and attainable to other people or events in your life???
I not bitter or envious just tired of people thinking that my life has added to nothing because I’m not a wife and/or mother. I am someone to a lot of people. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, girlfriend. I am Maria. 

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