Punch me in the face...

So I know that I have disappeared as usual but I've been either busy or tired. Sorry I'm only human...for now. Below I have listed a couple of reasons for my disappearance...yes I am defending myself.
1. My laptop is bye bye so I rely on boyfriend's laptop
2. His laptop got a virus so that kinda went out the door so I Imma try my phone
3. My phone then got stolen and then shut off for a little while
4. Super busy writing papers, reading endless chapters for school.
5. My boyfriend thinks I'm a full time maid and personal assistant.
6. I gotta fit my life somewhere in there!
7. With all this being said, I naturally get very tired. So a girls gotta take a rest sometime, right?

Needless to say I have been acupada. Please don't hate me. All I can is try. I have tons of ideas and pics to share but only of I had enough time. Hopefully once I get my laptop (when I can afford it!) I can get some blog entries a lot sooner than later.

Buenos its 1130ish pm and I have to wake up about 30ish minutes earlier than usual (stupid staff meetings!) So gotta go to sleep and I will talk to yas soon.

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