Losing It...

So since this is my first official blog I’ve decided to call the following “losing it”. Ha! (Haven’t gotten to say that in a long time) If you don’t get it you don’t get it.

I have many reasons for starting a blog mainly b/c I’m trying to stay hip to the times…just kidding. That would be really dorky of me if I said that. Honestly the main reason will not be disclosed, the reason that will be disclosed is that I want to express and opinionate. You’ll agree or disagree with me, both of which I’m pretty sure I’ll appreciate. If I don’t, I’ll just delete your comment! Lol! I guess I’ll share the world from my point of view.

There will be a lot of random things/comments/posts on here, but that’s how I am, a little bit of everything.

I will tell you, if you love food, you’re in the right place. Cause I LOVE food!!!! Even though I personally have a love/hate type of relationship with food, I will try my best to blog about places I go to eat, so you can go out and eat!

So till later, check me out!

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