Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups...

This dish is the faster way to getting that taste of lasagna without actually slaving in a kitchen all day long trying to make homemade - from starch - lasagna. So I present to you chicken lasagna roll ups!!!

I almost completely forgot about this dish, if it wasn't for P who kindly reminded me that I hadn't made it in a while. ---- I must admit it did make me feel kinda nice that P like a dish of mine so much that he reminded me that well, he missed it and wanted some.

Sorry for the crap-tastic photo. We ate, put leftovers away and I forgot to take a pic. So this was so last minute, full tummy, sleepy, fudge it photo.

I tend to add a bit more spices for the chicken, as it tastes rather bland with just the Italian seasoning and crushed red peppers. And of course I add loads of cheese. I love cheese!


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