Drip Paint Nail Design...

One of my last nail design tryout was the drip paint look. I hope that's the proper name for em....if it's not oh well...you'll see what I'm talking about it in the pictures.

I actually quite liked the design and once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to achieve the look. Although it does take longer to complete it than getting a regular manicure, it was worth it.

And without further ado, I present to you drip paint nails....yea!!!!

1. First put the clear base coat - Then your base color, I did two coats of that. Let dry.
2. Grab your second color, put/paint/drop two or three dabs (with your nail polish brush - no special brushes needed) on the nail and drag the color up to the top of the nail. Let semi dry.
3. Paint the top of the nail-french tip like. No need to be uber perfect.

And like omg you're done (sorry for that), well after letting everything dry and applying your top coat and clean up. Then you;re done. For my left hand I painted two of the nails a solid color of each polish. Make it a little different. --- Sorry for the blurred picture, I was kinda being rushed...date night. 

Color used - Sinful Colors-Summer Peach & Essie-Merino Cool

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